Democratize music

DJs earn more to play songs on demand, artists get their music out to the world and fan’s get a say in all of it. Let’s democratize music.

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With Kyle, you'll know what the people want to hear and decide what songs you can incorporate into your set.


Have it your way, send the DJ exactly what you want to hear without moving from your table or shaking any hands.


Get your music to the people easier than ever before. Connect with the DJs that will help you build a following.

Every DJ at your fingertips

Now you can take part in how your music experience plays out. Send a song request to any DJ, be a part of the moment.
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In a few clicks, you can have your jam playing live.

Manage orders

Manage your list of requests in an easy playlist format so you can accept or reject a song.

Easy transactions

Keep track of all your engagements for the night with records of all requests.
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Users about us

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Alice Parckson
DJ Apollo
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Sam Hoffman
Music lover
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Luiza Siera
DJ Sunlight
Elvis Hedji (Touche)
Co-founder at KYLE
"Let's put music in the people's hands"

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